Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

We simply came back from press days at probably the most important vehicle occasions of the season: the 2018 New You are able to Worldwide Auto Show. Here’s what caught our eye:

Interactive Displays: Automakers got creative and accepted augmented reality and virtual reality to be able to display their latest cars and technology. How did they are doing it? Dodge featured two Demons placed in an online drag race. The cars bucked in position and provided vibration feedback because the motorists sped lower the strip.

At Nissan, users donned a set of glasses to discover the most recent security features around the Leaf via augmented reality. To discover specific features, users simply centered on different icons floating before them. It’s more interactive than the usual marketing video (and far cooler, too).

Toyota desired to make its Fine-Comfort concept vehicle more interactive, so that they produced a VR experience. Yes, the headsets are clunky, but when they’re on, you can sit within the driver’s seat and backseat. Toyota’s strength was making its VR experience feel a lot more like walking to return. Should you required a 360-degree look, you can begin to see the interior from the vehicle entirely.

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

Consensus? These encounters won’t switch the traditional try out in the near future. However for shoppers who wish to visit a car’s interior or do a preliminary walk around? AR and VR may help motorists through the shopping process.

Encounters: Ever thought about if you could fall over a Jeep Wrangler? We attempted at Camp Jeep. Attendees drove cars over some obstacles to focus on the need for ground clearance and articulation. The ride was short, but Jeep will get credit for creating an event like this in the center of New You are able to City.

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

Toyota labored with professional race motorists to demonstrate the awesome side from the Camry within the Camry Thrill Ride. It felt a bit more unrestrained than Camp Jeep. To show handling, motorists floored it and maneuvered the vehicle around tight turns. Then they spun the vehicle 180 and 360 levels.

Consensus? Roller-coaster fans will like this.

New methods to fight distracted driving: Both 2019 Acura RDX and Subaru Forester have introduced technology to combat distracted driving. The Forester uses facial recognition software to consider indications of sleepiness within the driver. The RDX built a 1-of-a-kind trackpad which makes it simpler to move with the infotainment system.

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Classic Cars, Supercars, and Concept Cars: We had a classic Lamborghini in addition to a concept vehicle from Genesis having a mostly glass exterior. And, obviously, we ensured to visit the Koenigsegg station…

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show

Consensus? We can’t wait to determine what’s going to attend the brand new You are able to show the coming year.

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